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The secret to better health has been around forever (literally)
People have used seaweed for food and medicinal purposes for millennia. Many scientists even believe our evolution from primitive ancestor to modern homo sapien wouldn’t have been possible without seaweed’s micronutrients (iodine, zinc) and fatty acids which enabled human cognitive development. And a growing body of research shows that in regions with seaweed-heavy diets, people live longer, healthier lives.

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Creating a sea change for seaweed
Why aren’t more people gobbling seaweed up by the handful? Despite seaweed's impressive health benefits and long cultural heritage, many of us simply don’t have an everyday way to consume it. And we're missing out on those transformational nutrients. That’s why we came up with the Daily Bite, an easy way to get a measured dose of seaweed in without thinking too hard about it.
Seaweed is the future of farming, food, and planetary health
Zero-input crop
Seaweed only requires sunlight and seawater, and it grows faster than land plants, which require added water, pesticides, fertilizer, and more—making seaweed a sustainable long-term nutrition source. It also provides reliable, often year-round livelihood for coastal communities.
Actively heals air and sea
Seaweed draws carbon out of surrounding ocean and air, regenerating and rewilding the ocean, and helping the fight against climate change.
Meet Sachi Singh, seaweed’s #1 fan
Also known as our founder. With a decade of experience in international climate change solutions across non-profits, academia, and philanthropy, Sachi is well aware of what we’re collectively up against. In seaweed, she found a rare bright spot: a timeless ingredient with transformative potential for health, climate, and local economies. After a year of experimenting with different recipes and forcing them on her friends and family, she started Rootless with the Daily Bite. She also has an excellent seaweed-infused cocktail recipe, if anyone's interested.