We are unlocking the benefits of sustainably sourced seaweed to help people, communities, and planet thrive!
Meet Sachi Singh,
seaweed's #1 fan

Also known as our founder. With a decade of experience in international climate change solutions across non-profits, academia, and philanthropy, Sachi is well aware of what we're collectively up against. In seaweed, she found a rare bright spot: a timeless ingredient with transformative potential for health, climate, and local economies. After a year of experimenting with different recipes and forcing them on her friends and family, she started Rootless with the Daily Bite. She also has an excellent seaweed-infused cocktail recipe, if anyone's interested.
Meet Team Rootless

Mollie Chen, Advisor

Mollie is a startup leader who has been instrumental in building beloved consumer brands. She is a cofounder of Birchbox, where she spent six years building the brand and growing it from zero customers to 1M+ across four countries. She went on to lead brand and customer experience at Hungryroot as well as consult with dozens of startups on brand strategy and experience. Most recently, she joined Acora, a new firm focused on impact strategy and advising. She continues to angel invest and advise startups and holds weekly office hours for BIPOC individuals.

Kate Geagan, Advisor

Kate is an award-winning dietitian and nutrition pioneer who has helped millions of eaters fall in love with foods that are transformative for people and planet. She is an author, a columnist with Clean Eating Magazine, an advisor to New Hope’s Influencer Program, and a strategic partner to some of the world’s leading purpose-driven companies (such as Clif Bar) and investment funds (such as Drawdown Fund). She is also co-founder of Food + Planet, a nonprofit whose mission is to equip 1 million health professionals to advance regenerative, sustainable diets by 2025.

Elizabeth Reilly, Director of Marketing

Elizabeth has dedicated her career to growing mission-driven CPG brands with a focus on scalable digital programs, eCommerce, and team development. With over 15 years of experience across the health and wellness space, she has had the opportunity to share products that infuse joy, pleasure, and vitality into everyday life. A firm believer that businesses should be a force for good, Elizabeth has helped launch CSR initiatives at each of her companies, creating value and meaningful connections for all stakeholders.

Gabby Pavelko, Chief of Staff

Gabby has been working at the cross-section of food, wellness, and consumer insight-based innovation since she began her career at an ad agency where the majority of her clients were food brands. She then went to work for those food companies creating new products and even has a couple of patents with her name on them from those days. As an entrepreneur, she focused on building communities, with her first business being a group fitness community called Sweat Republic, and she later created a community of consultants working in the cannabis industry called Good People. Gabby recently completed a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, with which she started to better understand how to help people heal themselves.

Gabie Carne, Sr. Operations & Product Program Manager

Gabie is a program leader who gained 5+ years of experience specializing in operational excellence, innovative product launches, and continuous improvement at high-growth ag-tech startups like Plenty and Lettuce Grow.

The secret to better health has been around forever (literally)
People have used seaweed for food and medicinal purposes for millennia. Many scientists even believe our evolution from primitive ancestor to modern homo sapien wouldn't have been possible without seaweed's micronutrients (iodine, zinc) and fatty acids which enabled human cognitive development. And a growing body of research shows that in regions with seaweed-heavy diets, people live longer, healthier lives.

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Creating a sea change for seaweed
Why aren't more people gobbling seaweed up by the handful? Despite seaweed's impressive health benefits and long cultural heritage, many of us simply don't have an everyday way to consume it. And we're missing out on those transformational nutrients. That's why we created the Daily Bite: a whole food nutrition bite that makes it easy to get in your daily dose of seaweed - deliciously!
Seaweed is the future of farming, food, and planetary health
Zero-input crop
Seaweed only requires sunlight and seawater, and it grows faster than land plants, which require added water, pesticides, fertilizer, and more—making seaweed a sustainable long-term nutrition source. It also provides reliable, often year-round livelihood for coastal communities.
Actively heals air and sea
Seaweed draws carbon out of surrounding ocean and air, regenerating and rewilding the ocean, and helping the fight against climate change.

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