Balance your Hormones over the Holidays Experience the healing power of seaweed without tasting the sea shop the daily bite

Feel the difference

In a consumer trial where women ate one seaweed-powered Daily Bite every day for 4 weeks

86% experienced more energy and improved metabolism
97% experienced less hormonal acne and dryness
83% had less bloating and constipation

Packed with nutrients. Loaded with flavor.

You don't have to love the taste of seaweed to love our Daily Bites. With four flavors from fruity to indulgent, nourish your body and enjoy every bite.

The mightiest plant on earth comes from the sea

The most powerful addition to any diet

Seaweed has more fiber per ounce than fruits and veggies (!). It's also a potent source of omega-3 fatty acids and is packed with natural iodine, which keeps metabolism humming.

10x more minerals than land plants

Unlike land plants, which rely on roots to absorb nutrients, rootless seaweed pulls mineral-rich seawater through all its tissues, making it a source of calcium, magnesium, and other vital micronutrients. (And now you know where our name comes from.)

Unique anti-oxidizing (stress-reducing!) properties

Each seaweed species contains unique phytonutrients that help our bodies fight stress and strengthen immunity, and may also play a role in helping our body age well. This promising, emerging area of nutritional science is being studied extensively.

The seaweed ripple effect

By eating seaweed, we revitalize our own health and create a ripple of healing across the globe. Sustainable seaweed farms have a halo effect on surrounding ocean areas thanks to their unique ability to draw carbon out of the air and sea. Coastal communities are also finding new economic livelihoods in these underwater farms, which don't require the massive amount of freshwater, soil, and fertilizer needed to run a traditional land farm. It’s goodness all around.

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